Sunday, January 11, 2015

House Parties: Bad Experiences

(photo and modelling by Tasja Artmanni)

Want to give a house party? Make sure you do a good one, cause nothing is more embarrassing than a bad party which people will remember and gossip about for the next couple of years... Now, these are my bad experiences at house parties. Let me write them down for you and take them as advice!

1. Awkardness.
That's the worst thing. You are the host and it is mostly your duty to make the most amazing atmosphere. Think about music (and the volume of it), making everyone dance, things to talk and laugh about and let your friends socialize with the others. Also: try not to play with your phone. Facebook and What's App can wait. I remember my friend sat behind her computer during her birthday..

2. Aggressive people
I remember that day the party got canceled due to some aggressive young guys who were eventually threatening others. You know those people I'm talking about... Always searching for trouble and attention and they won't give up until it gets worse. So if you have a bad feeling about some people: DON'T invite them! Please..

3. Enough food and drinks
It's always difficult to estimate the amount of food and drinks you might need. But believe me.. it is quite shameful to run out during the party. It once happened that some of the guests had to go to the night shop to get more drinks. So it's better to have more than enough instead of having too little. Most important: Coke, cause you'll be mixing that with several alcoholic drinks.

4. Parents
I love my parents, I absolutely do. So forgive me, but house parties are the best without parents. Normal birthdays should of course include them, but for the real party people it's quite awkward to party hard around parents. Ask it kindly though.. We don't want to be rude. You know what they say: always respect your parents! When me and my brother gave a house party my parents went for a night out at a disco.

5. Don't chunder on your own party
We all love to drink a lot on a party of course. So to prevent chundering, drink milk before alcohol and we all know that drinking alcohol on an empty stomach is not good either. Listen to your body as well. Your body will warn you when it gets too much. Though I don't think only your body will... Your friends might do that too. Don't ignore them.

So are there any tips missing? And what are your bad or embarrassing experiences at a house party? Leave me a comment!


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