Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Kingsland Festival @ Amsterdam RAI

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It's probably a well-known Dutch tradition already, called Koningsdag (Kingsday). As you've read on my previous post, it was the perfect day to go to a dance festival in The Netherlands. Everyone wears orange, all people are in a crazy mood and all you have to do is party along and get crazy with them. And of course that's what I did too.

On my previous post I've recommended many festivals with genres like house, electronic, and techno and I've visited one of them: Kingsland in Amsterdam RAI. I've seen Martin Garrix, Oliver Heldens, Fedde Le Grand, Headhunterz, Hardwell, Dannic, Quintino, Ummet Ozcan, Pep & Rash, Gregor Salto and even more!

Kingsland Amsterdam RAI 2015

Me and my friends tried to be there as early as possible, but arrived one hour later than we have planned. We missed the first two trains, cause you know.. we still wanted to buy some drinks and pour them in a plastic bottle. I bought a bottle of rosé wine, but I realized that only taste well if you drink one glass of it, not a whole bottle.. Lol!

We took the metro from Amsterdam Sloterdijk and loads of people walked towards the same direction. The wrong direction though.. So we took the shortest path and arrived at 1 pm. The queue was quite long, but we got through fast. I forgot to eat my food so they threw away everything. I know it was my fault, but they could have at least kept it for themselves right? Or is that weird?

We bought a safety box for our coats which was a bit overpriced, but what do you expect from a festival that big and the tickets were not expensive as well.

First stage we went to was the Heldeep (deep house, etc.). It's the only stage inside the building, but still very huge. Pep & Rash were performing there at that moment. The darkness of the room and the flashing lights were amazing as well as the music of course. But hey... We're talking about Pep & Rash right! Even the tokens machines looked great.

We wanted to see Dannic too, who was performing at the Main stage outside (house). So after Pep & Rash at Heldeep we came to see Dannic who was just as excellent. The stage was huge and there were fire and confetti. Even the weather was perfect. It was not too hot, not too cold and the sun was shining bright.

I wouldn't complain about the amount of food and drink stalls, because there were a lot at each stage. There was plenty of variety too. We ate pizza's, chips with mayonnaise and döner kebab. With the sun shining on our heads we sat on the sidewalk or on one of the benches. It was delicious <3 .

The Kings stage was terrific, but so are all the other stages. We saw Ummet Ozcan and Quintino at this stage. So I took my Iphone and filmed it for fun. I filmed like an idiot, cause I didn't plan to use it, but for myself. Take a look... Hehe.

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