Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Tasja's first ówn organized photoshoot!

It was hard, stressful, challenging and fun!

model Tasja Artmanni and stylist Angelique Schutte behind the scenes

For the first time I organised the whole photoshoot all by myself.

The theme was 'comic'. Loads of models, photographers, stylists and make-up artists were interested in doing this theme.

Eventually I chose the best members and I created a wonderful team!

The make-up artist putting make-up on model Jet Munneke
Marloes Romeijn working on the make-up for model Michelle Kuijper
Model Michelle Kuijper
The stylist creating model Jet Munneke her outfit for the shoot
Marloes and Zoë are busy thinking :)
OMG, looking good~~
Model Jet Munneke
Me as model 3 being ready for the make over.
Model Jet Munneke in action
Model Jet Munneke and photographer Stephan Wor checking out Jets photos
Model Jet Munneke
The stylist searching the right outfit for model Michelle Kuijper
Model Michelle Kuijper is looking great! By Angelique Schutte
Model Michelle Kuijper with a sword
Model Michelle Kuijper
Behind the scenes with Michelle Kuijper and Angelique Schutte

Doing my make-up for the second time! We couldn't decide what to do with my face haha.
Good looking mess
Black cape, smokey eyes and wet hair.
model Michelle Kuijper checks out my make-up.
Working on my hair, loll.
Experimenting on my outfit
I have a gun.
Simple pose
Model Tasja Artmanni

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