Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Photography I love, by Tasja Artmanni


I remember a lady called Izabela, once send me a message: she wanted to plan a photo shoot. I saw her portfolio which was very interesting. This was a very long time ago... I was too busy for planning a photo shoot, for she asked me before I went to Spain for a summerjob. But in the meantime she made some photos which I think are absolutely stunning! In fact, some were so good that they ended up on the Photo Vogue website. Let me share her photos with you!

Make up by Farzaneh
Styling by Styling Formula

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Made in Poland
@ the workshops in Zlodziejewo
Accessories from Elfic Wear
Make up by Roos Sitser
Styling by Haruco-Vert
Hair done by Macik Bednarek
Make up by Priscilla Wolf
Hair done by Macik Bednarek
Make up by Make Up 101 by Sara
Hair done by Macik Bednarek


  1. Thank you so much! It's like a little Christmas present! x

    1. Tasja: You're welcome! Happy to be givin' a present :) . Love, Tasja.


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