Friday, February 21, 2014

Mayday: Ashin (lead singer)

Hiya guys,

As you know it's Mayday month on Ginatha. For those who are seeing them in London RIGHT NOW, we wish you loads of fun!! In our previous blog post we showed you a short story about Mayday. Here's a story about Ashin:

His talent is writing lyrics
He is the lead singer of Mayday
He plays the drums and guitar as well
He met the other Mayday members at college
He never gave up singing
He studied design at university
His family wanted to start his own studio
After their first MV, he didn't want his mother to find out
Now.. he and his band are most successful in Asia
He wrote his own book:
His clothing line in Taiwan: Stay Real
His biggest inspiration is The Beatles
He has performed with other artists too

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