Saturday, March 1, 2014

Last Stop: Our Stop. Mayday in Amsterdam by Tasja

Mayday's concert 26-02-2014,  Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam. By our crew member: Tasja and her friend Lisa.

I've got one word for what I saw and heard... Amazing!!! The experience!
I wish I could turn back time and be in the Heineken Music Hall again. Unfortunately good things come to an end, and so has Mayday month. That day was our last day of Mayday month. It ended very well with a brilliant concert in The Netherlands.

My outfit for the concert

Together with Lisa we were one of the first arriving at the HMH. It was around 6 pm. We ate a snack at the Febo, made a couple of photos and afterwards went inside without waiting in a queue. There was an extremely nice crew. We even had a few small chats with some of the employees. In the HMH, visitors are not allowed to carry a camera with a bigger lens than 50 mm. So I had to give my bigger lens to one of the security guards. 
Inside you were able to buy glow sticks and t-shirts. The glow stick is something we saw before on their Youtube channel! These were 8 euros per piece. Of course we had to have one.

From Febo to the entrance

After we left our coats at the wardrobe, we went inside the beautiful concert hall. Everyone was really excited and we all couldn't wait to see Ashin, Monster, Stone, Masa and Ming. We've heard the tickets were sold to 2000 people.

Early at concert hall

When they set foot on the grand stage everybody screamed. It was fantastic. They played songs as Step by Step, Don'ts Don'ts, Into the array, etc. During their show they set off fireworks, white confetti, and golden ribbons, played beautiful short films and everybody waved their glow stick which all gave a wonderful effect on their performances.

I would like to tell you how lovely Ashin's voice is, but the drummer... And the guitarists... I wish I could explain how wonderful they play and how freaking talented they are!!! But you just need to hear it yourself just like we did when they played their solos. The way they did that was brilliant. They counted to 4 and one starts to play his solo. They are heading towards Canada and U.S.A. now! So do not hesitate to buy your tickets:

Mayday Amsterdam 
Mayday Amsterdam


  1. Great outfit!! Judging by the photos you must have had a great time!!
    Maria xox

    1. Tasja: Thanks Maria! We absolutely had a blast <3 . Xox!


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