Friday, October 10, 2014

What to wear to: ADE by Tasja


Tasja Artmanni # ADE

Have you already asked yourself, what in the world do I have to wear to Amsterdam Dance Event?! I did..

This is what I had in mind:
something sexy, but not too ladylike, something dope, but not too boyish (I like being a girl, thank you), something playful and fun, but not too childish and last but not least: it has to be comfortable. I'd prefer sneakers than small and high heels.

So here it is!

Tasja Artmanni # ADE
Tasja Artmanni # ADE

Tasja Artmanni # ADE
Tasja Artmanni # ADE

Fresh Colorblock Varsity Jacket, Forever21 €23,75
Á La Mode Tee, Forever21 €12,50
Zippered Woven Shorts, Forever21 €12,45
Sport Wedges,  Bershka €39,99

Blogpost written by Tasja Artmanni

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