Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tasja: Going 2 China!

nǐ hǎo


I have been working on my exams, on our songs and our singing and acting. After all this, I will be heading off to China for a month! The departure date is the 14th of January and the exact location of arrival will be Beijing. I am making my dream come true at last. Well, with certainty I'd say, step by step I shall make them all come true.

My travel begins at Beijing and will continue through Xi'an, Zhengzhou, Datong and Luoyang (if the traintickets are still available, for they are extremely hard to get).

Thinking about China.. It reminds me of the chinese version of the song "Perfection", which I still like the most:

Not the newest song, but I still like it!

With Love,
Tasja Artmanni

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  1. I love Perfection as well! But their new album is good too ^o^
    Have you memorized some Chinese words yet? I guess it would be important to know which dialect to use as well.. It's so difficult to even think about haha, but fun because you can use it there! n_n


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