Friday, February 8, 2013

Tasja:Waking up in China

What does waking up in China feel like?
Tasja tells her extraordinary story!

Hello?? How are you?

First day: Beijing..

I slept the last few hours in the airplane. When I woke up we were almost there.
As it was told on the Dutch news channel, there was smog covering the grand city. The air smelled bad and there was less sight.
When we stood there at the airport a man came towards us and showed his card. On the card it said he was a taxi driver. We followed him to his car and hopped in. When sitting in the car, he told us it costs ¥380 – ¥450. Of course he asked for ¥450 when we arrived at our hotel… Soon later we found out it should have been a lot cheaper to take a taxi. Even better: the buses and metros are much cheaper than the taxis.
Another thing we noticed: you do not need to be famous to get people to make a picture of you or to get all the attention. 
You just need to be blond or dark skinned!

We stayed in Hotel Kapok and took a double deluxe room. It was big, clean, comfortable and had a private bathroom. It’s located nearby the well-known shopping street and Qianmen square.

Second day, 7 nights: Datong

“A small village” they told us it was… Well, not for us! I am wondering If Amsterdam might be even smaller than Datong. That’s why the atmosphere was very nice.
In Beijing we took the train to Datong. We sat loads of hours, at least six in total! And it was very uncomfortable. We took the cheapest train and a hard seat.
We had the pleasure that everyone in Datong were very friendly and helpful. They always tried their best to help.
The Yungang Grottoes was very interesting (we like historical objects). It also had a nice park to walk.
The hanging temple did not catch my special attention, but seeing the construction of the temple makes you wonder how it could stay on its position.
The Clay Forest, the wooden pagoda and the Huayan Temple were nice, but only worth seeing when having the time for it.

We spend 7 nights in Datong Youth Hostel. It was a small cheap hotel. I did not find it very clean nor comfortable. The receptionists did not speak English well enough. It was located on a beautiful street with shops, music and historical buildings.

Taken in Datong
Are you looking forward to see some more pictures?
Write a comment! I'm curious!

So now it ‘s time to continue my trip! So please keep an eye on Ginātha for the newest updates. Soon you will find more about my travel in China. But first… I’m gonna enjoy some of that Asian style.

Byebye !

Tasja Artmanni


  1. Wooohaaa! I need to see more photo's Tasja! you've been to HongKong yet?:O whahah damn taxidrivers always asking for more than usualxD! Go get that Asian style you're talking about!

    1. Tasja: Thank uuu! No, you need a different visa for Hong Kong. Plus we had a lack of money so it wouldn't be possible anyway haha.
      Thanks for your comment sweety!!

  2. You.. just got in the car with the first taxi driver you saw? XD You can't even do that in Holland because they're all frauds.. Anway of course we want more pictures! This picture looks really scary, I'm afraid of heights ;-; I don't even want to go on the eiffel tower :3

    1. Tasja: I knew it was stupid, I don't know why we still did it tho! Haha.
      Thanks, I'm gonna upload more stories and pictures soon :D

      Whuaha, I think I will climb the eiffel tower one day!

  3. I can´t wait to hear all about your beautiful stories of your holiday! :D


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