Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Before ADE: Alek and Tasja


Alek and Tasja Artmanni #ADE

There was a lot of preparation going on before Amsterdam Dance Event started. We had to organize the photo shoot, create two outfits for me and my cousin, invite my friends to my birthday party (which I celebrated at home ánd at Kings Of Ace vs. Sexed Up), arrange a make-up and hair artist for my birthday, and loads of other things as well.

As we had some time left after the photo shoot for my cousin Alek, we decided to do a duo shoot. Here are some photos:

Alek and Tasja #ADE

Alek and Tasja #ADE

Alek and Tasja #ADE

I'm proud to say that I did both his make-up as well as mine for this photo shoot. It was a pleasure doing it. Here is a short video of that day:

Did you see that red dress? I used that dress for my birthday party at home. I find it absolutely gorgeous. Perhaps I could use it again for Christmas.. Though I´m not used wearing the same dress twice within a short amount of time. But this one I´m deffo in love with!

The dress: Click Here

I would like to thank those who helped and supported me throughout the organizing, those who came to congratulate me for my birthday and those who joined us to Kings of Ace vs. Sexed Up.

Photos made by Rob van der Wees from WI-Photo
Blogpost written by Tasja Artmanni

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