Thursday, October 16, 2014

(Men's fashion) What to wear to: ADE by Tasja


Alek #ADE

After making an outfit for women, it was now time to match an outfit for men. This model is by the way... My cousin! And he will be joining us at Amsterdam Dance Festival tomorrow. Would you like to follow us and see what the event and Amsterdam will be like? Follow me on Snapchat: tasjaartmanni

About the outfit.. I chose something simple, yet cool, tough and fashionable. Here you go :)

Alek #ADE by Rob van der Wees

Alek #ADE
Alek #ADE

Alek #ADE

Alek #ADE

Longer Length Zip Trim Sweatshirt, River Island, €33,-
Shoes, Zara, €39,95
Necklace, H&M, €4,95

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Photos made by Rob van der Wees from WI-Photo

Blogpost written by Tasja Artmanni

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