Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Wild Night Red Cup at Club Cell

7th of November

Club Cell

As usual I was looking for something fun to do last weekend. That's when I saw an advertising poster of the Wild Night Red Cup party. After reading the line up I was convinced I really had to join this event. So I phoned my friend within a second and got her instantly convinced to go with me. We arrived as early as possible. I guess we were very excited. And of course, as it is a red cup party, we received a quite big red cup before entering. Afterwards I couldn't resist to take a photo with it... Even if it had to be in front of the loo.

It is no news that I am in love with dancers. So I was excited to even see a short dance battle over the dance floor! I wish I would experience that more often in a club. That whole evening we enjoyed the music and we did not stand still for a moment! And as there were very comfortable lounges we sat down for a bit as well.
Furthermore I loved the lights, the DJ's, the people and all the bits and bobs like the massive balloons and the red cups.

Lucky me, I also got the amazing opportunity to interview the lovely DJ Dewinos! The interview will soon be on the blog. So do keep an eye and if you'd like stay up to date then don't hesitate to follow. ;) 

We can't wait for the next event! We were definitely satisfied and we were not the only ones who enjoyed it very much.

The line-up was:

Wah Wah Collective

Girls Love Djs

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